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Nagarro is a global software development company & is conducting an Advanced Training Bootcamp for students in 3rd & 4th year of college. This training is partially sponsored by Nagarro and Coding Blocks, & students clearing this will get guaranteed Job as Software Dev at Nagarro.

How to get started for the Placement bootcamp program

Enroll for this program

You should be in 3rd or 4th year of your college.

Enroll for the program

Get trained in the program

Live classes program for that personal, one to one training experience by one of the best mentors in the Industry.

Clear Exam & get placed @Nagarro

Final exam & placement @nagarro. What's more, get your fee refunded as well upon joining.

The Placement Bootcamp program for 3rd & 4th year students with 'ZERO' effective fees

Nagarro's Placement Bootcamp trains shortlisted students through a Live training program, conducted by mentors from Coding Blocks. This program equips students with necessary skills in Coding, Data structures, Algorithms and the like, simultaneously preparing them for the Final placement rounds of Nagarro. The Bootcamp program is sponsored by Nagarro & Coding Blocks, so Rs 15,000/- program costs a mere Rs 5000/- to the students (Nagarro and Coding Blocks pay Rs 5000/- each for every shortlisted student's program). Whats more, this fee is refunded to the student upon clearing the final test at the end of the Bootcamp, together with a Job offer @ Nagarro.

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Enrollment process

Placement Bootcamp program is a sponsored program by Nagarro & Coding Blocks. To enroll in the program, you have to simply Enroll for the program and start attending the Live classes when they begin.

Students who are in the 3rd & 4th year of college can Enroll.

Enroll for the program

Placement Bootcamp details


If you are in 3rd or 4th year of your college, you can enroll for the program.

Learning & training

Students will start learning upon program initiation. Training will be conducted by Coding Blocks, one of the best Coding training institute in India.

Hands on coding

Students undergo a 4 month long superb Training including hands on exercises on concepts and questions expected in Placement drives.

Live classes

Students learn from their campus by one of the best mentors in the industry. Each class is live and students learn as well as interact with the mentor.

Final test

Once the training is complete, students have to take the Final exam. Good performance entitles student to a Job offer at Nagarro.

Aha! Job & fee refund

With the Software developer Job offer @ Nagarro, students will also get their initial fee of Rs 5000/- paid for the bootcamp refunded as well.









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Nagarro Bootcamp
Course syllabus for C++

Nagarro Bootcamp
Course syllabus for Java